Varna Project Management Consulting
Audit and Rescue

Audit and Rescue


 Failed project can cause serious financial, marketing and strategy consequences. Early identification and problem correction is a key to avoid substantial losses that might occur.

In collaboration with our client we analyze the current situation, identify the problems and define measures and support the client to implement these measures


There is something wrong with this project although everything seems right.


  • Problems occur in achieving critical stages and product delivery
  • There is high probability the deliverables not to be supplied to the customer with the planned timeframe and scope
  • Project resources are fully committed and there difficulties in reporting results
  • The project is getting systematically late and we are caching up using long sleepless nights and weekends
  • Technical and organizational problems are escalating
  • There is a constant addition to the project scope and product specifications
  • The departure of key specialist causes unexpected delay in deliverable


Fast project realignment


  • Problems Identification – we conduct a project audit covering methodology, practices, documentation applied. We suggest corrective measures and support your team in implementing these measures
  • Project Rescue – our team in close collaboration with your people creates plan and marks measures to get the project back on track and successful end. We will follow the process every step of the way.
  • Expert consulting to improve project management practices applied in your company and measure to avoid future problems