Varna Project Management Consulting


Establishing and Operating a Project Management Office

Managing project are getting more complex each day overloading corporations with coordinating, budgeting, resource allocation tasks in addition to the project management itself

The solution is to create a Project Management Office (PMO) – in the form of a real division or a virtual collaboration. PMO assures the application of good project management practices and acts as a central repository of project information and coordination within the company

Successful corporations refine the PMO functions to support strategic, operations and tactical goals

We are Intact Group provide the expert and document to create and support your PMO

Project Management Consulting 

Globaltech  team  provides Project management Consulting support to our clients through the full project lifecycle - from initiation to closing

Our team works in close relationship with your management to select, customize and apply each and every project procedure or decision based on the best practices in your industry

Whether you decide to implement or just increase the efficiency– our team will be there with you every step of the way

Customized Project Management 

When managing projects or a project portfolio for our clients we apply proven methodology customized regarding the industry and the client specifics.

Our consultants work in open communication with your team and management to successfully select, customize and apply methodology, decisions, service based on the best practices and your company specifics

Project  Rescue

Failed project can cause serious financial, marketing and strategy consequences. Early identification and problem correction is a key to avoid substantial losses that might occur.

In collaboration with our client we analyze the current situation, identify the problems and define measures and support the client to implement these measures

SAP Project Management and Management Consulting

SAP implementation radically changes the corporate culture and work environment.

SAP implementation is an expensive endeavor, requires full commitments and involves new challenges.

The question is – why is it so popular? -  The answer is – Competitive Innovation